How Business Cost Reductions can Impact on Corporate Social Responsibility

Cost cutting and Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility, while has always been around as a business philosophy in some form or other, has recently increased in use as one of those dreaded business buzzwords. Whether you love or loathe buzzwords, the issue of corporate social responsibility is huge in businesses of any size. [Read more…]

Ideas for Marketing your Business on a Budget

Marketing your business on a budget

Marketing your business is essential but it can take a huge chunk out of your budget. If people don’t know about you and what you can do for them, then you’re going to find that customers become very hard to attract. Good marketing can improve your company’s profile, but it doesn’t need to involve bundles of cash – some smart use of your time can reap rewards without having to dig too deep into your cash reserves. [Read more…]

3 False Economies when implementing cost reductions in your business

3 false economies in cost reduction in business

Cost reduction and effective waste management to reduce your overheads is not a simple task, knowing what inventory costs can be reduced, and which should not is an important aspect of being a cost reduction specialist. Today we will look through some examples of false economies, where cost reductions could, in fact, have the opposite effect and affect long-term business profits. [Read more…]

Why your business should invest in card payment technology

Why your business should invest in card payment technology

This year, card payments overtook cash payments as the main method of purchasing in the UK. With 1-in-6 Brits now only using cards to pay and six-in-ten of us saying we would spend more in each business because they have card payment technology, it’s surprising that there are still estimated to be 3 million small businesses out there that do not take card payments at all. [Read more…]